Saturday Special: A tram travel trough the best of Gothenburg! Your tour guide to Gothenburg!

2011-03-19. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Louise

I’m going to take you with me on a tram journey throughout the centre of Gothenburg. It will display some of the many things a tourist must see when visiting the lovely city of Gothenburg.

Before we start our journey we need train tickets or cards. You can find information about the cards, tickets and prices on västrafiks homepage:

Our trip will cover everything from the early morning until late night.
We are going to start the day off on a high-note – what better way to start the day is there, but to eat a fabulous breakfast in a high latitude. Gothia towers have a fantastic restaurant on the top floor of the main building, from which you get a fantastic view over Gothenburg – which is an absolute amazing experience. For 139kr you will get a fabulous view as a starter!
After seeing what is out there, it’s time to experience it. It´s time to visit a fair and/or a museum.

In the Gothia tower building there is also the general location for most of Gothenburg’s fairs – Svenska Mässan. What is being displayed this weekend is definitely worth looking up - since there could be anything from book-fairs, to boat-fairs. Take a look at theire home page here, for more information

Walking out of Gohtia towers you can find some exciting museums within walking distance.

Universeum is a museum/exhibition centre, which offers experiences for children at all ages. Here you can observe animals of all kinds, visit the indoor rainforest or get impressed by the sharks. Universeum also has exhibitions which lasts for full seasons, previous ones has been experimenting with the laws of physics and memory-challenges. Her is their home page for more information:

Another museum that is also nearby is the museum of World Culture designed by the famous Spanish architect Calatrava.  Moe information about the museum can be found here:

There is a lot of museums all around Gothenburg – depending on interest there is definitely something for everyone.
Next step is to take the tram to Järntorget. On our way there we pass Haga on the left hand side – one of the most charming areas in Gothenburg. Here you can shop in small boutiques and visit some impressive local cafés. We might just hop of to take a quick “fika”.

After some time spent shopping in the boutiques and after a good fika, we are once again on our way towards Järntorget - where we will continue on to Jägerdorrfssplatsen with number 3 or 9.

The area we are heading to is called Klippan, it’s located at the harbor of Gothenburg, just prior to Älvsborgsbron. Here you can takes beautiful walks along the waterfront and enjoy the architecture of the historical houses, and perhaps eat at one of the absolute best sea food restaurants in Sweden, Sjömagasinet (it is a bit pricey). Klick on this link for more information:

After a dinner and a visit around Klippan – and also perhaps a quick stop at the art exhibition centre Röda Sten we are going to take a ferry in to the center of Gothenburg again. We will take Älvsnabben – which will quickly take us through Göta Älv. There is the option of taking Paddan, if you would like to experience the city of Gothenburg from the view of a boat in a slower past.
The ferry we will take instead passes beautiful locations in the Gothenburg harbor like, Eriksberg, Lindholmen, and on the way you can even see Lundbyvarvet, the America House and the Stena Line terminal with ferry´s to Denmark.

At the final stop, Lilla bommen, we are hopping off the boat, to shortly admire the opera house and perhaps some beautiful boats. Here you also can take a trip in the Göteborgshjulet, from where you can see the entire Harbor and it´s beautiful view, perfect in time for the sunset. Lilla Bommen is located at Nordstan – one of the shopping centres of Gothenburg, and the most local one. With it getting late, it might just be closed, but this is somewhere you probably will visit another day, if not, to buy the necessities.

After this experience I hope you feel that you have seen all you’ve desired, and it might be time to experience the city at night.

From lilla bommen we can take any number of trams to Valand, where you can find the very best of clubs and bars during the evening, and good shopping during the day.

At Valand there’s many different clubs and bars to choose from. The very best club to visit if you want the clubbing experience is Park Lane – which is located at the end of Avenyn. If you instead want to dance with other students, Parken is the club the visit, with student-prices every Thursday.

If you instead want to enjoy a talk over a drink and dancing isn’t really your thing you will found a lot of good places to go within walking distance on the avenue. If you are really on a budget I would recommend talking the trams four stops to Järntorget again, where you will find the student-bars.

I hope you have enjoyed the travel and that you’ve got inspiration for the rest of your visit in Gothenburg. This may be what we could cover in a day, but there is a lot to see any season of the year, with Saltholmen in the summers, Slottskogen in the autumns, and don’t forget Liseberg in the winter, with its Christmas fair, and in the spring again for its amusement park. And why not take a tram-trip from start to finish in any season, when the rain is pouring down outside – you might find something we don’t even know about – what we like to call a “smultronställe” of your own.

/Louise, team 2011

About the writer: My name is Louise Thulin I´m a 17 year old student, who loves to write, training and travel!

I hope that all of you enjoyed reading my article and at last I would like to thank my good friend Andrea for the inspiration!