Life in Gothenburg: After work in Gothenburg

2010-08-22. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sanna

After work is a brilliant concept for poor students. Even though Gothenburg might not be the best student city in Sweden, the Gothenburg After work culture is extraordinary. The concept After work might have a slightly different meaning in different countries, something I discovered when an After work in France meant suits, champagne and a 6 euro wardrobe fee. In Sweden AW is rather synonymous with cheap beer, free buffet and crowding, and the dress code is normally quite informal.

First of all- if you are not confortable with having dinner five a'clock in the afternoon, AW is nothing for you. If you learn to handle it, AW could serve as a great way of getting a good party night out with your friends, but still be in shape the next day (by starting early and finish early). Of course there are also those who consider AW a great pre-preparty, before going back home, getting some rest, having another dinner and some more beers before starting the night. However you like to go out for it, there are some things you need to know.

The normal after work deal says "buy something to drink- get free food". The food quality can vary from overboiled broccoli and bread to Parma ham and brie, depending on after work place- that is why you need to find your favourite spots. You also need to be there in time, both to get a table and to get something to eat- if the food is for free there are no guarantees. Here are some of the best AW in Gothenburg:

  • Excet, Vasagatan 52- Fridays 17:00-22:00. Tasty buffet, delicious cocktails and good prices! (Age limit 22)

  • Lotus bar, Linnégatan 47- Fridays 16:00-20:00. A more fancy place with a luxury Champagne After work including cheeses and Parma ham, for 95 kr.

  • Notting Hill, Nordhemsgatan 19A - Fridays 16:30-19:30. A cosy English Pub in the heart of Linnéstaden, with a free and mostly vegetarian buffet.

  • RumpanBar, Linnégatan 38B- 16:00-19:00. Always crowded so arrive early. Free buffet including delicious stone oven baked pizza, among other things! Age limit 23.

  • MiCasa bar, Vasagatan 32- Tuesday to Thursday 17:00-19:00. A cosy restaurant/ bar which offers a tasty tapas plate + 1 beer/wine for 79 kr.

If you have other AW tips you want to share with the readers- please write a comment!

/ Sanna, team 2010