2012-03-04. Published in Language & Culture
by Caroline

The famous Vasaloppet, a ski race that is 90 km long and is from Berga By to Mora began this morning as tradition states it.

This race started out as a honor to Gustav Vasa famous skiiing when he was on his way to Norway 1521 when the men in Mora, that had dismissed his pleading of a rebellion, changed their minds and hurried after him on their own skiis. They caught up with him in Berga By and brought him back to Mora for more talks.

The first Vasaloppet took place in 1922 and became quickly something that the Swedish people embraced. 1923, the first woman Margit Nordin was a part of that race. The year after that it became forbidden for women to take part because it was decided that it was to hard on the women. But in 1981 women was allowed to race again. This was because a woman had been foundĀ  dressed up as a man in 1978 and had managed to complete the entire 90 km succesfully. She had thereby shown that women was just as capable as the men in competing in the race.

Alot of famous names during the years have competed in Vasaloppet. The King himself, Carl Gustav XVI, took part of the race under the name Carl Bernadotte 1977, thereby being the first Swedish king to race. Maybe, we can expect the new crown princess Estelle to take part in the race in a few years to follow her Grandfather's footsteps.

/Caroline, team 2012