The Native: Couch Friday

2012-06-01. Published in Language & Culture
by Emma

In the Friday afternoon, when the week is over and you are tired after a tough week of studies or work, it feels good to just sit back and relax in your couch. Does not it? In Sweden, we have this little thing called fredagsmys. I have decided to call it Couch Friday in English. But what does it really mean?

Let me tell you a bit more about this concept. A perfect Couch Friday includes three important things:

  • A couch. Fill it with your family or some good friends. It is important to make sure that everyone is wearing comfy clothes to get in the right mood.

  • Some food. Either you pick up some take away on your way home, or you put a bit more effort in it and prepare something. It is important that it is easy to eat in the couch, therefore pizza and tacos are popular Couch Friday-food. Furthermore, it is important to remember the snacks and sweets.

  • Entertainment. It could be a lousy TV-show on channel 4 that is running for you do not know what time in order or a good movie that you have rented at the corner shop where you live. It could also be some board games or video games.


When I was a little girl, the Friday evenings were sacred, more or less. It was the time when my parents, my brothers and I got together in front of the TV. We often had grilled chicken and French fries (my favourite dish as a 5-year old) in the couch while Disney Time was running. I remember that we were allowed to stay up for as long as we wanted and that I most often fell asleep in the couch.

Still, when I go visit my parents for the weekend, the Couch Friday is important. It has been through some changes though. Nowadays we have dinner in the kitchen before we go to the couch, but it is more or less the same lousy TV shows on channel 4 running on TV.

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//Emma, team 2011