The Easter celebration history

2012-04-08. Published in Language & Culture
by Louise

Could it be a better time than right now celebrate the arrival of spring with family and friends? To celebrate Easter! Here you can find some information about the history behind why we are celebrating Easter today.

The Easter is celebrated at different places all over the world. Easter is a religious feast, the feast is celebrated within the Christian and Hebrew believe.

Easter is celebrated in Christianity to a memory for Jesus suffering, his death and resurrection.

It is the oldest and biggest Christian celebration starts on the Palm Sunday when Jesus ride in to Jerusalem. On the Maundy Thursday he eats his last supper with the disciples and on the long Friday he meets the death on the cross.

After the grief the sorrow turns in to happiness when Jesus recurrence again.

Some of the Easter festival celebration related to the Hebrew tradition, the Jewish celebration. With in the Hebrew tradition Easter celebrate Israel’s deliverance from 300 years of bondage.

This is the background history to Easter! I hope that you have learn something new and that you have gained new knowledge. The up coming days you are going to be able to read more articles about Easter here on Misi!

// Misi 2011, Louise Thulin