Popular Culture: Swedish filmmakers

2011-05-04. Published in Language & Culture
by Sera

The Swedish film industry is relatively small in scale but there are many outstanding films and filmmakers. This week I want to present one of Sweden’s most successful filmmakers: Lukas Moodysson.

Lukas was born in 1969 in Lund and has studied film at “Dramtiska institutet” in Stockholm. He not only directs films but is also a screenwriter and producer. He began with short films and soon continued with making motion pictures. In 1998 he had his breakthrough with “Fucking Åmål”, a film about being young and feeling out of place. It portraits the frustration of a teenage girl living in a small town in Sweden and her feeling of not being understood by her surroundings. Another highly noticed movie was “Lilja-4-ever” which is about trafficking. The movie led to many discussions about the problem of trafficking in Sweden which even became a topic in parliament.

In 2009 Lukas made his first movie in English for an international audience. This movie was “Mammoth” and had Gael Garcia Bernal and Michelle Williams as leading actors. Once again, this was a film that dealt with a problematic topic. It was about power inequality between western and developing countries.

For his movies Lukas won many “Guldbagge” awards which is the Swedish equivalent to the American Academy Awards. Moreover, he won many awards at film festivals all over the world. Lukas made even some more experimental movies. Most of his movies have a critical perspective on society in common. For my Swedish course, I once had to do a presentation about a Swedish movie and I chose “Bara prata lite” (Only have a chat) by Lukas Moodysson. This is a short film about a lonely and isolated man. I was fascinated by the atmosphere it created and by the very surprising turn in the story.

Information about Lukas Moodysson on IMDB

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