Pop Culture: Studentflak

2011-05-25. Published in Language & Culture
by Emma

As you could read about here on misi.se yesterday, youths singing from the studentflak (lorry platforms) is not an unusual sight these days. I have not seen one yet this year, but I am sure it won’t be long. But what’s the point of the studentflak anyway?

For the graduates, the point of cruising through the city on a studentflak is that everyone should see them. They are really happy to finally have graduated from upper secondary school and they want the world to know exactly how happy they are. Around their necks they all have lots of flowers, stuffed animals and small champagne bottles with best wishes of good luck in the future from relatives and friends. The studentflak is decorated with balloons, flowers and banderols. On the studentflak there is also some kind of music device with loud music pumping out from the loudspeakers. As they are cruising around the city they drink champagne, they sing and they dance until the entire studentflak is shaking.

As the lorries occupy the entire road and the loud music and the singing is bugging my ears, I can’t help to get a little annoyed. However, that’s only for a second. Then I remind myself of my own graduation, which was 4 years ago. I remember the pure happiness and the feeling of not having one single problem in the world. I remember the feeling of freedom and the endless opportunities in life that were just within my reach. I could do whatever I wanted. Recalling this feeling makes me all warm inside. I can’t be annoyed by the studentflak and the loud music anymore. Instead I feel really happy for them as I wave to the studentflak passing my way.

After all, this is a proper way to show the world how happy they are to have graduated. Don’t you think? There is no way you can ignore a big lorry with loud youths and music. So when you are walking in the city and the studentflak are passing you. Don’t be annoyed and irritated. Instead, feel their happiness and freedom and be happy for them.

/Emma, misi.se team 2011