Misi Review: Best "PepparKakor" and "Best Julmust"

2010-12-15. Published in Language & Culture
by yining

Dear Students,

In last week’s Misi Review, we introduced the traditional Lussekatter to you. I hope you enjoyed them and succeeded with your own Lussekatter. However two additional traditional Swedish specialties during Christmas are the "pepparkakor" and "julmust". There are many different types of pepparkakor and julmust when you go into any grocery store, so in this week’s review we will present our favorite pepparkakor and julmust in Sweden.

Pepparkakor: The best pepparkakor is of course the ones you make you, but in some cases the ones bought in the shop might be much better than those homemade and it's more convenient to buy. There are several brands of pepparkakor, for examples, Anna's pepparkakor, Göteborgskex pepparkakor, ICA/Coop's own pepparkakor, Gille pepparkakor and several other minor brands. The pepparkakor can also come in different forms such as in hearts, starts, mixed figures etc.

Our favorite among the group is definitely the Göteborgskex pepparkakor in heart forms! The Göteborgkex pepparkakor are thicker than others and bit sweeter as well. It also includes some butter and therefore it melts softer. Regarding the form is up to your own taste, however the most traditional forms are the hearts and therefore it's the best ; )

Julmust: As for the julmust, there are two types of julmust. The original julmust and the julmust light. The best taste is of course the original types of julmust, but the light is healthier. Like the pepparkakor, there are many different kinds of julmust, like grebbestads julmust, gammaldags julmust, apotekarnas julmust, nygårda julmust and the ICA/Coops own julmust.

Our favorite julmust is the Apotekarnas Julmust! The apotekarnas julmust has a great balance between the sweet and sour level of the julmust.  It also contains a more carbon dioxide than the rest, therefore it's a bit stronger and the taste is thus some more elevated. The apotekarnas julmust is one of the first brands of julmust and is among the best sold julmust each year.  For us it's definitely the best so far!

If you are uncertain about the types of pepparkakor or julmust, go with our advice you will not get disappointed : )


// Yining Wang Misi team 2010