Introducing Swedish: Election theme

2010-09-15. Published in Language & Culture
by yining

With election right by the corner this Sunday, i bet you must have seen several of the election posters all around town. However since they are all written in Swedish, i bet many students have wondered what they all mean. Therefore  in this language blog entry i will translate some of the very frequent billboards, so that you finally understand the overall meaning of these very frequent posters.

Centerparties most frequent Poster;

The picture of the lady is Maud Olofsson who is the president of the center party;

The text "Nya företag ger nya jobb" is----"New Companies gives new jobs"

Social democrates poster:

This poster is somehow similar to the previous one, the lady in the front is Mona Sahlin who's the president of the social democrates,

The large text "Vi kan inte vänta" means------"We can't wait", then "med att skapa flera  jobb så att du kan leva ett rikare liv"-------is in eng "with creating more jobs so that you can live a richer life", Putting these two parts together equals "We can't wait, with creating more jobs so that you can live a richer life"

Liberal peoples party :

This poster is very frequent but on particular poster it does not include any party president,

The text "A,b,c,d,e,fp framtiden börjar i klassrummet"---means "A,b,c,d,e,fp the future starts i the classrooms", it might seem strange that they insert fp efter e, but actually fp is the short name for the swedish liberal peoples party, we called it folkpartiet.

Moderate party:

Again here's the president of the moderate party on the poster, his name is Fredrik Reinfeldt,

The text "Tillsammans gör vi Sverige till ett föregångsland"---means "Together we will make Sweden to a land of free choices", The term "föregångsland" is actually a very unusuall word that is hard to interpret, however the moderate party states that it stands for freedom, and free choices.

Chrisitan democrates party;

Their poster is very interesting, to the left is their party president Göran Hägglund, againt him there's a vareity of animals,

The text " Ett mänskligare Sverige"---means "A more humane Sweden". This poster is rather hard to understand it's message, but the core message in this poster is to show that they want to make Sweden a more gentle country that treats each other better, more like humans than animals.

Left party,

This poster shows again the party president of the left party, he's name is Lars Ohly.

The text "Håll ihop, Sverige behöver en politik där vi tar hand om varandra. Därför vill vänsterpartiet bygga världens bästa välfärd-utan privata vinster"---this means "Hold together, Sweden needs a politics that takes care of each other, therefore the left party wants to build the worlds best welfare system- without private profts"

Green party,

This poster shows the special case with the green party, they have two party presidents. to the left it is Peter Eriksson and to the right it is Maria Wetterstrand,

The text "Modernisera Sverige" just means "Modernize Sweden", the green party wants to emphasis sustainable development and therefore Modernize Sweden is from their perspective is to invest more money into alternative energy sources etc.

// Yining Misi 2010