City Beat: Håkan Hellström at Liseberg

2011-09-15. Published in Language & Culture
by Sarah

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Slowly the days are getting shorter and the weather gets even more windy and rainy. Autumn is coming. But there is even another very clear sign that autumn arrived in Gothenburg – it is the annual Håkan Hellström concert. When Håkan performs at Liseberg you know that everything has gotten back to normal life. Pupils are back at school, summer holidays are definitely over and university has just started again.

But who is Håkan Hellström and why are his Liseberg concerts so popular? Håkan is a musician from Gothenburg who has played in bands before and has released a couple of solo albums. People think quite differently about his music. Some people think he can’t sing at all whereas on the other extreme he has the very loyal fans who attend each and every concert. But there is one aspect which everybody could agree on – Håkan has a very strong relation to Gothenburg. For some Håkan IS Gothenburg. He has a couple of songs about Gothenburg and a lot of references in other songs about the town. He is also known all over the country and that is probably why Swedes connect Gothenburg with Håkan.

This annual Håkan Hellström concert is really popular with Gothenburg’s inhabitants. Be in good time when you go there because there will be long queues and it takes quite a while to get into the park. Go there early in order to not miss the beginning. Even if you are not very familiar with Håkan’s music, the concert is worth going because of the atmosphere. There are so many people and everybody sings along.

Keep in mind that this could also be a good opportunity to visit Liseberg once more before it closes for the autumn break (but opens again for the Liseberg Christmas theme). It will be a nice experience.


Håkan Hellström at Liseberg, 8 pm at the main stage (Entrance to the amusement park includes the concert – 95 SEK)



Håkan Hellström's official website


/Sarah, Team, 2011