Best of Pop Culture

2011-09-05. Published in Language & Culture
by Sarah

Have you ever wondered what Swedes have on their spotify list? What music they listen to when they eat their breakfast cereals and what series they watch before they go to sleep? Pop culture has a big influence on everyday life and is also a good and fun way to get to know another country’s preferences, lifestyle and tastes. We in the team often write about artists, films and other cultural stuff we like. Before we start with some new articles in the autumn term, we want to present some of our favourite articles in the category Pop Culture.

Veronica Maggio - Get to know our favourite Swedish singer!

Swedish television - Scroll through some of the most exciting TV programmes

Swedish filmmakers - Learn more about Lukas Moodysson

Getting to know Swedish artists - A lovely presentation of some popular artists  (soon to be continued...)

ABBA! Of course, ABBA! Extend your knowledge about Sweden’s superband!

Made in Sweden!Literature, films, computer games - all made in Sweden...


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/Sarah, team, 2011