The Wonder Chef: Ice-cream with Chocolate Sauce

2011-05-29. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Nils Pasi

With the summer approaching and the temperatures rising, ice-cream is once becoming a desirable desert. Today on the Wonder Chef, we will see how to make a very simple, yet delicious, chocolate sauce to go with ice-cream. It certainly makes for a very quick, easy to make dessert. Besides, as far as chocolate sauces go, nothing beats a really hot one poured on top the ice-cream. The contrast between the cold ice-cream and the hot chocolate sauce is just amazing!

Ingredients (1 person):

  • 1/2dl cacao

  • 1/2dl sugar

  • 1/2dl water

  • Vanilla ice-cream


  1. Pour the sugar into a saucepan.

  2. Add the cacao and mix it thoroughly in the saucepan with the sugar. The cacao is prune to sticking together is lumps. Make sure to get rid of these.

  3. Add the water and mix it well with the sugar and the cacao. Again, make sure there are no cacao lumps.

  4. Put the saucepan on the stove and bring to a boil. Stir when needed to prevent burning.

  5. Pour over the ice-cream and eat.


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