Styr och Ställ: Bicycles like Busses

2011-08-21. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Gina

If you want to enjoy the outdoors and get in shape while saving time or money on transport in the city center then you should know about Gothenburg's Styr och Ställ bicycle program. There are 50 bike stands in the city center and all of them are within 300 meters of another stand. You check out a bike from one of the bike stands then when you're finished, leave it at any other Styr och Ställ stand.

How to use

Before using the bikes you have to get a membership. This is done easily (but just with a credit card) at the machines found at each stand. A season pass (through October 31) costs 250kr or you can buy a 3-day pass for 10kr. They will reserve extra money on your account in case you don't return the bike in time. The first 30 minutes of riding are at no extra cost but if you don't return your bike to a stand within 30 minutes they start charging extra*. You can turn in and check out bikes as many times as you want during the day. The bikes are simple but good. They have 3 gears, baskets, locks, and of course easily-adjustable seats.

When you register for a pass you are given a membership number and you will choose a pin code. Those 2 numbers is all you will need to rent your bike. When you put your bike back make sure you read the instructions to ensure it has been properly locked back in, because you are responsible for the bike you check out. Don't worry though because the information is in English too. The website is

*Extra charges- Your second half hour is 10kr, third half hour is 20kr, and your fourth and every half-hour period after that that is 40kr each. These prices apply if you go this long without turning a bike back in.


The bike stands really are just in the city center, with 50 stations ranging between Stampen, Slotsskoggen, Landala and the harbor. Check out the stations list and the stations map. I have used Styr och Ställ and I recommend it because it's a cheap way to get places and get in shape in this nice weather. Of course for the long distances and rainy days we still have Västtrafik.

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