Quick useful guide!!

2010-08-23. Published in Hands-on Guides
by yining

Alright new students the first couple of days there's lots of different errands you need to fix in order to settle down. Since at Misi.se most of us are former exchange students we know that it might be pretty hard to know where to go to get some basic things unless you have been here for a while. So here is a quick guide for you with many practical tips in a short format to help you out. We will be highlighting more of the subjects during the week to give you a more detailed explanation.

1. How to buy tram/buss tickets?

It’s actually very simple just go in to any Seven Eleven or Pressbyrån and buy a three month card. It costs just around 900 sek. For more regarding transportation look here

2. How to get started with a Swedish cellphones?

To get a Swedish cellphone or a sim card you could go to the phonehouse or any retailer. Just make sure your cellphone are unlocked and buy a new prepaid simcard. In Sweden there are five big carries there’s Tre, Telenor, Telia, Halebop, Tele2 any of these will work fine. To
recharge your cellphone with more credits just go to a nearby convient store and ask them to refill it for 100kr etc. The cheapest carrier in Sweden is Tele2 if students have Tele2 then you can call to each other for free within Tele2(price list, even though only in english you could use google translator to translate to enligsh) and for just 0,69kr per minut to other carriers or fixed lines. In Sweden most regular students also uses Tele2. The start up sim cards costs usually 100kr if you buy it in a store, but actually for exchange students it's free! To get the SIM card for free! you can mail reachus@misi.se and we'll help you order a free card!!

International students can only take a cellphone subscription if you have lived in Sweden for at least six month with a valid Swedish ID card.

3. How to get started with my internet at my student apartment?

If you have arranged with accommodations through ESS, all you need to do is to connect your network (LAN) cable to the network connection and open up a web browser. Follow the instructions of the registration formulary that will come up.  For more info click here

4. How to book laundry time?

You could book laundry time by the web if you live in a SGS apartment just go into www.sgsstudentbostader.se and logg in with your customer nr and the password is your birthday (only month & day). Then choose “Tvättstugebokningar” there you can see witch laundry times and laundry houses are available for you.

5. Where to buy medicines?

In Sweden you can only buy medicines at the Apoteket. Most of them are open very regularly and there’s plenty of them everywhere but the one in Nordstan is open extra longer for emergencies (Only for purchase of subscribed medecins)

6. Where can I go work out or do some sports?

Here in Gothenburg we have a great sports facility called Fysiken. Where you can get a gym card and participate in various sports activities indoors such as football, basketball, pingpong etc. If you want to do some swimming you should go to Vahallabadet a very nice indoor swimming pool with hot tubs and saunas. Located at Valhallagatan 3 right by Scandinavium 35kr each time for students you can also get a annual card if you wish.

7. How to find address and places here in Sweden?

In Sweden we use a very nice site called www.hitta.se there you can find all addresses, phones numbers and resturangs etc. It’s just like the yellowpages and it’s very easy to use.

8. Going out and where to buy alcohol?

In Sweden drinking is very strict, you must always bring your ID-card (Passport or valied Swedish ID) to all clubs that you wish to go to. If you want to buy alcohol you have to go to Systembolaget it’s a nationalized retailer the only one selling alcohol with 3.5% over higher. You have to be 20 to buy and also bring a valid ID-card too. (Yeah it’s a bit different here :S)

9. Set up a Swedish ID

It’s actually very convenient to have a Swedish ID card here, it’s much easier for you to buy things with your card or get in to clubs etc. To set it up go to your bank and bring your passport and your personal number and some ID pictures and ask them for a Swedish ID. It costs around 350kr but it’s very useful.

For more practical questions first of all we would recommend first you to ask your Student Buddy or post your questions on the facebook group forums for new international students.