Need to go to IKEA?

2011-01-16. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Nils Pasi

We hope everyone have been able to get installed smoothly, and we believe that it’s time to get the necessities for your  accommodation and when it comes to furnishings the first name that comes to mind for most of us is IKEA, and why not? IKEA is known world over for providing good furniture at very affordable costs.

So why not go to the IKEA store in Gothenburg and make the required purchases, also being in Sweden, the home country of IKEA makes it even more special to buy from IKEA and being in Gothenburg city you have two options to choose from

  1. IKEA, Bäckebol and

  2. IKEA, Kållered, Mölndal

I bet everyone knows much more about IKEA, but just as quick guide be prepared for a range of products and good walk through the big IKEA warehouse, also you can refresh yourself in IKEA cafes which are one of the cheapest and offer good eat & drink options. And here is a quick guide to get there.


IKEA, Bäckebol

1. It just takes about 15-20min and a direct bus to reach IKEA, Bäckebol from centralstation.

  • Take bus No-43 from the Centralstation to Bäckebol Norra. When you get off, the IKEA store is right in front of you!

IKEA, Kållered

Please note: IKEA Kållered is located outside the central zone. If traveling on a Västtrafik valid for travel within the city zone, and extra charge is required for a ticket to IKEA Kållered.

2. Tram no: 4 towards Mölndal easily, then probably IKEA, Kållered would be a more comfortable choice for you, the trip takes approximately 30mins just,

  • Take tram No-4 towards Mölndal.

  • Get off at Mölndal Centrum.

  • Take the bus 760 towards Kållered

  • Get off at bus stop IKEA

For further details on transportation, please see our guide to the Gothenburg transportation services, or plan your journey on the Västtrafik travel planner.

Best regards
/Rakesh, team 2011-2012


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