Misi Test Panel: Vanilla Ice-Cream

2012-04-20. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

Spring arrives slowly in Gothenburg. There are now more and more days with a perfect blue sky and sun. We start enjoying the rays of sunshine without freezing too much. Some spring-pioneers even start to sit outside and drink coffee and enjoy the sun. With this development it is definitely soon time to eat more ice-cream! Of course, ice-cream knows no season and is also enjoyable but the misi test panel team actually enjoys ice-cream even more when it is warm outside. For that reason, we already prepared for the upcoming ice-cream season and tested different kinds of vanilla ice-cream. If you think we forgot to include your very favourite vanilla ice-cream brand in the test or if you strongly agree or disagree, let us know by sending a mail or writing a comment after the post!

1) Lidl: Ecorino Vanilla – 2 litres for SEK 11
Colour: Quite a light beige colour and it did not look like the picture on the package which was very yellow-ish. There were no black vanilla dots.
Taste: The test panel team agreed on this fact – this one tasted more like whipped cream than vanilla. It was for some test panel member almost too creamy, so that the vanilla flavour was minor to the cream taste. This ice-cream was not horribly sweet but had a good balance.
One test member was convinced that there was a berry aftertaste (but the other members could not taste this…)
Texture: Very soft and airy – it reminded us a lot of soft ice-cream
Additional: On the package it says clearly that this ice-cream is suitable for vegetarians.
We also thought that this ice-cream is perfect to be combined with chocolate sauce, sprinkles or some lingonberry jam. One member explained that the creamy and sweet ice-cream flavour wouldgo perfectly together with the sourness of lingonberries.

2) SIA glass: Vanilla (Krav=organic) – 0,75 litres for SEK 21
Colour: most yellow among the ones tested but no black vanilla dots either.
Taste: This ice-cream was a bit different from the others. It tasted denser than the others. It was not too sweet and had a balanced vanilla flavour. One test panel member thought it was very creamy and reminded her of butter.
Texture: This ice-cream was dense, thick and rather compact.
Additional: On the package it says nothing about vegetarians – but it is made with real cream! It is made in Sweden and uses natural vanilla aroma.

3) Triumpf: Gammaldags Vanilj (Old-fashioned style Vanilla) – 2 litres for SEK 32
Colour: pale but with black vanilla dots
Taste: After the first spoon we all agreed that this ice-cream has a strong flavour – but we were not sure if it was actually vanilla. After some more spoons we concluded that it had a lot of vanilla flavour. It was also very sweet.
Texture: Quite smooth and creamy.
Additional: On the package it says that it contains vanilla pod and aroma.

4) GP: Big Pack Vanilla – 2 litres for SEK 22
Colour: Very light colour and not black vanilla dots.
Taste: Milky taste and not much of vanilla – that was our first impression. This impression did not change when we ate more of it. One of the team members thought that it tasted like frozen crème fraiche because it also tasted quite fat.
Texture: Creamy and smooth.
Additional: On the package it says “Barnsligt got” (childish good) and we just had to discuss this statement. We came to the conclusion that it would work perfectly at children’s’ birthday parties because all kids go crazy when they get any ice-cream.
In the end of the test we also found out that this one actually does not contain any vanilla aroma at all. On the ingredient list it only says flavourings.

5) Tofuline: Vanilla (lactose-free) – 0,75 litres for SEK 29
Colour: some beige colour and no black vanilla dots.
Taste: THIS WAS EXTRAORDINARY! We were really surprised when we tried this ice-cream and the reactions were very different. One team member could not even take one spoon and spitted it out immediately. The other team members were very confused. To make it short if you like soy milk, you will love this ice-cream. The soy milk taste overpowers the vanilla taste. This ice-cream probably takes a bit longer to really like it or as one team member put it – it has to grow on you. The best thing about it is that you would never end up eating the whole package and still have a craving for more.
Texture: Smooth and soft.
Additional: This ice-cream is lactose-free. It comes in an elegant black 8-edged package with a decent design.

Conclusion: The test panel team members could not agree on a common favourite one. But we decided that it also depends how you want to eat your ice-cream. Plain? With toppings? With fruit? With lingonberries? With a lot of chocolate sauce? At a birthday party? According to your preference you will also find a perfect pick – and if you are lactose intolerant you can always go for the Tofuline one.