Misi Test Panel: Orange Juice

2012-04-27. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

Finally, we put all of our attention to orange juice for this test. No matter if you like to drink your orange juice for breakfast or during any other time throughout the day, orange juice is a very popular beverage and the Misi.se Test Panel Team finally wanted to find out: Can you get a decent orange juice for a few kronas or is the expensive juice really worth its price?


1. Willys Orange Juice          9 SEK (2 liters package for 18SEK)
Smell: Sour smell that does not suggest much orange flavour
Look: looked like dense concentrate and it reminded us for egg yolk somehow…
General Orange Taste: really sour but we agreed that is it really ok for the price
Mixture: quite sour and very thick. Somehow stale but somehow also orange. After a long discussion about how the test panel felt after drinking this juice, we came to the conclusion that there is something about the taste – it is somehow there but it doesn’t come out fully.

Conclusion – You get a good orange beverage for good money.


2. ICA’s Orange Juice          12 SEK
Smell: simply orange!
Look: looks really juicy! You see a lot of juicy bits.
General Orange Taste: rich orange taste
Mixture: pretty good balance. Some sour taste but not too much of it. The juicy bits make the juice really fresh.

Conclusion – After one glass you don’t know if you ate an orange or drank juice! ;) Our recommendation because you get a good tasty juice which is not too expensive.


3. GARANT          13 SEK
Smell: boring smell
Look: looks quite thick
General Orange Taste: boring, chemical taste. Even if there are some juicy bits you don’t feel them. It doesn’t taste very orangey.
Mixture: not sweet at all. One team member simply described the taste as stale.

Conclusion – Not that special.


4. BRAVO          13 SEK
Smell: nice and strong orange smell
Look: no particular comments
General Orange Taste: even if it smells a lot like oranges – it doesn’t taste so much like oranges
Mixture: there is some bitter ending to it. The test panel members first tasted sweet, then sour, then bitter – a strange experience

Conclusion – if you buy orange juice because of the smell: that is your brand!


5. GOD MORGON (Extra mild)          18 SEK
Smell: not overwhelmingly fruity
Look: we couldn’t see the juicy bits
General Orange Taste: a very nice orange taste – almost as freshly pressed.
Mixture: Really mild and sweet.

Conclusion – For all juice drinkers who prefer some sweeter taste.


6. BRÄMHULTS          27 SEK
Smell: Our first reaction was: oh! Very strong orange smell – as if you would stick your nose into an orange
Look: looks watery
General Orange Taste: real orange taste – just as freshly pressed juice should taste
Mixture: nice balanced and fresh taste

Conclusion – This one is really the best choice but unfortunately also the most expensive. It is the right juice for special occasions.


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/Sarah, Nils, Xu and Maike, Misi.se Team, 2011