Misi Test Panel: Julmust and Juleskum

2011-12-07. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

As Christmas is coming closer, you have probably discovered the Julmust bottles and Juleskum Santas in the stores. These two sweet treats just belong in the pre-Christmas time since most Swedes know them since their childhood days. You can see how popular they are as there are over 1200 tons of Juleskum and many, many litres of Julmust produced every year. Read more here.

Please follow our guide about the most popular kinds of Julmust.

1) Nygårda Julmust, 4 SEK for a glas bottle (0,33l)

: In the team, the opinions about this Julmust’s smell were very different. Some described it as liquid candy, another team member smelled car tires and another one thought it smelled a bit like glue…
Taste: Very, very, very sweet. This Julmust also felt like a concentrate, that means quite thick in consistency compared to the others. Unfortunately we could not taste anything else but sweetness.
Sparkling: There were hardly any sparkles. We only saw them when we poured the drinks.
Christmas feeling: Not very much.

2) Apotekernas Julmust, 14 SEK for a big bottle (1,5l)
Smell: It did not smell strong at all. We only got a hint of a sweet Julmust smell.
Taste: It reminded us of something and we had to think for a while until we came across that it actually tasted like rum and coke. This Julmust tasted more spicy than the others.
Sparkling: Lots of bubbles – even when you drink it.
Christmas feeling: A lot.

3) Apotekernas Julmust Light, 14 SEK for a bottle (0,5l)
Smell: It smelled very sweet and spicy.
Taste: Something was different. One team member was very clear in his comment: this is not traditional Julmust. It somehow tasted very artificial and chemical. It was obvious that it was sugarfree – just like Cola light does not taste like the original. We all agreed that it is not worth saving the calories because come on, it is Jul!
Sparkling: Very strong!
Christmas feeling: Sorry, not at all.


Before we present our test results, we first want to tell you about the freshness check. Before you buy your bag of Juleskum you should first check the freshness by squeezing one Santa. If it is very soft, you can be sure it is as fresh and tasty as it can get.

1) Original Juleskum
Smell: Fruity and creamy
Taste: A fruity taste of berries and a bit creamy. The Santa should be soft inside but harder outside. According to one team member it simply tasted like a childhood memory. Moreover, the team thought that Juleskum is a great and smooth candy. But it is also addictive – you cannot stop eating!
Look: We loved the perfectly xmas-y package with stars, Christmas tres and the right colours (green and red). But the Santas somehow looked spooky because their faces were stretched and strange.

2) Juleskum 2011 Edition: Polka
This year’s flavour is Polka (peppermint)
Smell: A very strong peppermint smell.
Taste: We felt an aftertaste of butter scotch. This time we did not have any Christmas association because peppermint is just not a traditional flavour. The peppermint flavour was so strong that it felt like the Santa was drowned in mint. We came to the conclusion that it would be a great candy if it only had a slight peppermint taste.
Look: The colours on the Santas were reversed and white dominated. The Santa on the package looked more tanned than on the original package.

3) Juleskum in Chocolate
Juleskum in Chocolate is shaped as hearts and not as Santas.
Smell: Chocolate!!! But also a bit like gingerbread.
Taste: It was a strong chocolate taste but with a very soft and sticky filling. We compared it to mums mums or Göteborgs kex’s Baddare. These ones were very handy to eat but we are a little bit disappointed because there was no fruit flavour as in the original Juleskum.
Look: Here again we were disappointed because it was a heart-shape and not a Santa-shape.

Extra: Jule Nisse
This is the big brother version of a Juleskum. It is about three times the size of a Juleskum and sold in an individual package. It has a very strong cream and fruit taste and reminded some of us of our favourite childhood bubble gum hubba bubba. Also the consistency was a bit different than the original Juleskum Santa – the Nisse is even softer in the inside and a bit harder on the outside.

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