Misi Test Panel: Glögg and Pepparkakor

2011-12-01. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

http://elinnystrom.blogg.seWhat is better than some spiced hot beverage and some cookies in the cold winter time? Alright, this winter it is not extremely cold but Glögg and Pepparkakor are just essential in the time before Christmas. For the test, we wanted to pick two very traditional and popular Glögg brands and one with an unusual flavour. Along with the Glögg we ate some Pepparkakor to get the right feeling.

1) Dufvenkrooks Glögg, 59 SEK
This Glögg was recommended as the best one in the ICA-Kurir magazine (a magazine that tells you everything you need to know about leading a household and life in general). Moreover, the shopping assistant at Systembolaget kindly recommended this one ("It is much better than the others”) to us.

Scent: Smells like wine

Taste: Sweet in the beginning, but then it leaves a numb feeling on your tongue. The Misi Test Panel members had a hard time describing the feeling in their mouth but it was weird. We agreed on that this glögg was a strange combination of wine, spices and sweetness. Some of us thought it was too sweet to taste any spices.
The more you drink in one zip, the more wine you taste.
Aftertaste sticks around a while.

Christmas feeling: Not that much

Design: It looks more like a liquor bottle than christmas-y in any way.

2) Blossa Glögg, 26 SEK
Scent: Strong scent of christmas spices

Taste: To begin with, it tastes sour and you can taste the spices. Our Swedish members describe the taste simply as how christmas should taste. It brings back memories of sitting together with your family and celebratiing the time before christmas eve in a cosy atmosphere.
One team member described a "BAM-feeling" when drinking this glögg. It is a very strong taste at once but it does not stay long.

Christmas feeling: As mentioned before, probably the liquid form of Swedish christmas.

Design: Even the colours on the bottle just scream christmas.

3) Dufvenkrooks Chili & Chocolate, 29 SEK
Scent: Slight scent of spices and mostly chocolate. We thought the scent was somehow familiar and talked about where we knew it from... without a satisfying result. One team member was convinced that there is a shower gel that smells exactly the same but the other team member did not really agree.

Taste : We thought we could feel all the different and important flavours: Sweetness. Chocolate. Chili. The chili flavour was actually not that strong but if you take a big zip you can definitely feel it. When we did the blind test, the team members could neither taste chocolate nor chilli at all.
No matter if we tasted chocolate or not, we could all agree on that this one was not as sweet as the other ones.

Christmas feeling: Of course there was Christmas feeling around because it is a Glögg. But maybe conservative Glögg drinkers might feel uncomfortable with the extra flavour of chocolate and chili. Moreover, chocolate and chili are not the flavours that you normally associate with Christmas.


What about the pepparkakor?
We simply had to eat pepparkakor along to our glögg. That is very essential for the taste experience.
We did a quick comparison with our two sorts of pepparkakor.

Göteborgs Pepparkakor, round box for 26 SEK 

Thickness: Very thick and with a lot of butter

Crispiness: Very crispy and crunchy

Sweetness: Lots of sugar!

Spicy: Great blend


Annas Pepparkakor, box for 14 SEK

Thickness: Really thin, not too sweet and a bit soft

Crispiness: Relatively soft but still crunchy

Sweetness: Not too sweet

Spicy: Great and not too sweet blend


/Misi Test Panel, Misi.se Team 2011