Misi Test Panel: Chocolate (Part Two: Dark Chocolate)

2012-05-18. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

The Misi.se Test Panel finally decided to dedicate a test to something useful. A product which is both very necessary and popular: CHOCOLATE. Moreover, it makes you happy!
The whole week we concentrated on chocolate. We presented some chocolate makers in Sweden and visited the annual Chocolate Festival at the City Museum. After so much theory it is time to make a test – which is the best chocolate for a good price?

Please consider: If you want to make a chocolate test you have to think about a lot of different factors. Your chocolate is supposed to have an ideal temperature of less than 20 degrees in order to develop its whole taste. Moreover, you should follow a four-step guideline to get out the most of your chocolate.

1. SCENT – Smell your chocolate
2. SOUND – break your chocolate into pieces: what sounds does it make? Is it a clear cut or does it crumble?
3. TASTE – let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth. To get out most of the flavour of your chocolate – breathe in – it will become more intensive!
4. AFTERTASTE – what about the taste after you have eaten your chocolate bit? Does a cocoa taste remain?


Here are our test results for DARK CHOCOLATE. Do you prefer milk chocolate? Please read our test on milk chocolate.

1) ELDORADO: Dark Chocolate, 50%, 8 SEK
SCENT: chocolate but sweet and somehow it smelt cheap
SOUND: nice sound and cracking
TASTE: it was hard to melt but tasted really creamy. In the team there was a lively discussion on how much this chocolate was like cooking chocolate. It had some powder-like and dry taste. During the test – after we tasted some other chocolate brands, we returned to this chocolate and felt that it much tasted like plastic.
AFTERTASTE: Sweet but not a strong cocoa taste

2) MARABOU: Dark Chocolate, 44%, 19 SEK (200g)
SCENT: sweet and nice
SOUND: good sound but hard to break (maybe because it is so thick)
TASTE: The team had different opinions and tasted different flavours: coffee, vanilla, almond… but one thing we could all agree on- it had a good balance. It was not too sweet (not like milk chocolate) but it was not too bitter either (not like most dark chocolate).
AFTERTASTE: really creamy

3) LIDL/FAIRGLOBE: Fairtrade Dark Chocolate (Ghana), 70%, 15 SEK
SCENT: nice smell, even a little bit minty.
SOUND: Good sound and cracking
TASTE: We were positively surprised by the soft and fruity taste. It was easy to melt and had a greatly balanced taste. It tasted very much like cocoa but not too bitter – we enjoyed that. It was simply fruity, milky and fresh.
AFTERTASTE: Fresh cocoa taste

4) LIDL/BELLAROM: Dark Chocolate, 72%, 8 SEK
SCENT: quite sweet but a nice smell
SOUND: quite good sound and cracking
TASTE: It tasted bitter – much like cocoa but creamy anyway. One member thought the chocolate was too dark for her taste.
AFTERTASTE: quite a long aftertaste

5) LINDT: Dark Chocolate 70%, 21 SEK
SCENT: It had a typical swiss chocolate smell
SOUND: Good sound and cracking – no small pieces
TASTE: It tasted different from all the other chocolates we tasted but we feel that it is extremely hard to express this very distinct different taste. Somehow it was sour – but sour is not enough to describe that taste. Somehow it was also fruity.
AFTERTASTE: This very distinct strange taste stayed for a while.

Again, we would recommend the Fairtrade Chocolate because you get a very delicious and nicely balanced chocolate for a good price – and hey! it is fairtrade! Then, it VERY much depends on your own preference. We did not have a common second favourite dark chocolate. Because we could not agree on any second favourite chocolate we asked other people at our test location and again – we had a very varied result.


/Sarah, Nils, Xu, Vivi and Johannes, Misi.se Team and Friends, 2011