Misi Test Panel: Chocolate (Part One: Milk Chocolate)

2012-05-11. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Sarah

The Misi.se Test Panel finally decided to dedicate a test to something useful. A product which is both very necessary and popular: CHOCOLATE. Moreover, it makes you happy!
The whole week we concentrated on chocolate. We presented some chocolate makers in Sweden and visited the annual Chocolate Festival at the City Museum. After so much theory it is time to make a test – which is the best chocolate for a good price?

Please consider: If you want to make a chocolate test you have to think about a lot of different factors. Your chocolate is supposed to have an ideal temperature of less than 20 degrees in order to develop its whole taste. Moreover, you should follow a four-step guideline to get out the most of your chocolate.

1. SCENT – Smell your chocolate
2. SOUND – break your chocolate into pieces: what sounds does it make? Is it a clear cut or does it crumble?
3. TASTE – let the chocolate slowly melt in your mouth. To get out most of the flavour of your chocolate – breathe in – it will become more intensive!
4. AFTERTASTE – what about the taste after you have eaten your chocolate bit? Does a cocoa taste remain?


Here are our test results for MILK CHOCOLATE. You prefer dark chocolate? Please read our test on dark chocolate.

1) LIDL/Bellarom, 5 SEK
SCENT: milky and some kind of rough smell
SOUND: good sound and an excellent cracking
TASTE: This chocolate was very hard to melt – it felt kind of grained. Everything that stayed was a very sugary taste. For us, the chocolate taste way too sweet. It did not taste chocolate-y but not fat either, it was just a very very sweet taste.
AFTERTASTE: No cocoa flavour - only a sweet taste that does not stay long.

2) Hemköp/Eldorado, 8 SEK
SCENT: only sweet
SOUND: good sound, good cracking
TASTE: It was not easy to melt the chocolate at all. Some in the team said it felt like eating cocoa powder directly and some others said it felt a bit like eating flour. Somehow the chocolate even had a strong coconut flavour (maybe because of coconut butter) and tasted very sweet in general.
AFTERTASTE: At least, we had some chocolate feeling afterwards.

3) LIDL/Fair Globe Milk Chocolate (Fairtrade), 15 SEK
SCENT: Sweet smell
SOUND: Great crack sound and a perfect line.
TASTE: It was quite easy and fast to melt, maybe because the chocolate bar is very thin. It tasted very creamy and milky. It also tasted sweet as milk chocolate should taste but not exactly sugary which is a big plus.
AFTERTASTE: Even if it was a milky taste in the beginning – after a while it felt very sweet.
Additional comment: This chocolate gave us quite an exclusive feeling because it came in a paper box and was wrapped in golden-coloured paper. AND it was fair traded!

4) Marabou, Mjölkchoklad, 14 SEK
SCENT: nice but very sweet
SOUND: No good sound and no good cracking. It crumbled into pieces when we broke it.
TASTE: It was good to melt but we quickly had a hazelnut-like taste in our mouth. Moreover, it felt very creamy and sweet and not much like cocoa.

5) Karl Fazer, Milk chocolate with fresh milk, 14 SEK
SCENT: We were very surprised. It smelt quite different from the others: very much like cocoa!
SOUND: It had a nice sound, even if it was hard to crack.
TASTE: On the package it says it was made with fresh milk – after some discussion in the team what this might mean, we had another discussion about that we don’t think it is actually true. We thought the chocolate taste like old chocolate, not milky and not fresh at all. Some felt some almond taste, some felt some floury taste and one team member was really clear – it tasted like wall paper!
AFTERTASTE: We were wondering about the sour taste – maybe the “fresh milk” had not been that fresh anymore…



We clearly had two favourites: the Fairtrade chocolate and the classic Marabou. If you count everything in, we honestly recommend the fairtrade one because it is a nice tasty chocolate that melts in your mouth and hey – come one, it is fair traded! And you get it for a fairly good price.
Marabou is a classic which you can buy at every supermarket and all the convenient stores. Always a good and easy choice. Maybe you can even try some Marabou with a special filling or limited edition.


/Sarah, Nils, Xu, Maike, Lea, Misi.se Team and Friends 2011