Misi Test Panel: Ballerina & Singoalla cookies

2011-10-08. Published in Hands-on Guides
by Caroline

The Ballerina cookie has been a part of the Swedish household since 1962 and the Singoalla cookie has been around since 1964.

Every week, two millions ballerina cookies are consumed by the Swedish people. Every tenth cookie package sold in Sweden is a Ballerina cookie package. Every second a average of six people eat a Ballerina cookie. Why is that? Misi test panel set out to find out what it is about the cookies that make them so popular and which flavour that do them most justice.


Ballerina Original:

Price: 16:-

Smell: It smells of chocolate and nougat.

Look: The cookie looks classical with the two layers of cookies in different colours. It’s a cute cookie to look at.  The hole in the middle with the filling sticking out of it makes it looks ready to be bitten.

Filling: The filling is firm and is stuck in the middle of the cookie which makes the rest of cookie a bit dry.

Flavour:  It tastes both sweet and recognisable since it feels like you know this flavour from somewhere. Then it hits the test panel, it tastes like nutella.

Conclusion: It’s delicious cookie that never grows out of fashion in looks and flavour.

Ballerina Chocolate:

Price: 16:-

Smell: Strong smell of chocolate that builds expectations to sink the teeth into the cookie.

Look: It reminds of the classical Ballerina; only the entire thing is made of chocolate.

Filling: Filling is as firm as the Original, but also tends to stick into the middle of the cookie which is a bit disappointing.

Flavour: It tastes really sweet and the chocolate leaves a bitter aftertaste. But it is sweeter then the original in the flavour.

Conclusion: There’s a crisper tone in the biscuit layers which was a glad surprise. But otherwise it wasn’t a wow factor over the cookie like the panel expected. Disappointment was quite high.

Ballerina Toffee:

Price: 16:-

Smell: A really intense toffee smell hits the senses that takes one back to the younger days when making home made toffee.

Look: Not the regular round hole in the middle of the cookie, but a flower almost star like shape is present. Otherwise it would be hard to tell the difference between this cookie and the original one.

Filling: Surprisingly more filling that reaches out to all parts of the cookie is present then the rest of the cookies tried so far.

Flavour: A nice sweet cookie that unfortunately smelled more of toffee then it tasted like.

Conclusion: The toffee smell was wonderful and the moistness of the cake gave a wonderful experience in eating the cookie. The only bad part was that it didn’t taste as much toffee as the smell indicated. The shape of the hole in the middle of the cookie makes one jump to the thought of spring and flowers.

Ballerina Mint:

Price: 16:-

Smell: Really, really and oh boy do the test panel mean really intense mint with an after smell of mint hits one out of nowhere as the package opens.

Look: The hole in the middle is shaped like a heart which is quite adorable.

Filling: The filling is as firm as the other cookies, but its colour makes it feel like it took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on the wrong cookie.

Flavour: The flavour of the mint is just as overwhelming as the smell was. It leaves a fresh aftertaste that one don’t quite know what to make of, it’s like one had just stepped out of the bathroom after brushing one’s teeth. It would a good addition to a mint theme together with After Eight.

Conclusion: The cookie is perfect for romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day because of the heart shaped hole in the middle. The response was mixed, some of the test panel felt like even though it was good combination it was a strange combination with the biscuit itself and the filling. Another part of the test panel felt like the filling definitely had taken a wrong turn and stumble upon the wrong cookie because it did not mix well with the biscuit. But the test panel all agrees that if one is a big fan of After Eight, this is the cookie to cherish right next to it.

Ballerina Kladdkaka:

Price: 18:-

Smell: Such intense chocolate smell that almost brings tears of joy to one’s eyes.

Look: It’s a creative look where the hole in the middle of the classic Ballerina cookie has moved away and made room for a whole biscuit with swirly patterns and the name Ballerina carved into it.

Filling: Intensive chocolate filling that reaches the sides of the biscuits.

Flavour: Tastes a lot of chocolate and it is extremely sweet in the flavour, would have almost expected this one to be official Ballerina Chocolate.

Conclusion: It feels like an imitation of the Oreo cookie even though the filling is different. This cookie is recommended by the company to dip in milk which the test panel didn’t have, so it could not be said if the cookie tasted better with milk or not.  It’s a very filling cookie and it wouldn’t take many cookies to reach the satisfied state. It’s also a good cookie to eat while distracted by the TV since it’s no chance that one will poke the finger in to the sticky middle of the Ballerina.

Singoalla Raspberry

Price: 15: -

Smell: One can smell the hint of both the jam and the vanilla in the cookie.

Look:  Looks nice, the happy colour of the jam almost makes one believe that it’s summer outside again.

Filling: A considerable sticky sensation to the filling when it comes to jam part of the cookie, feels almost like a cookie that an old relative had failed with but didn’t want to realise the truth.

Flavour: It is sweet and a good combination of the two fillings. It leaves a nice aftertaste that makes you realise that you could eat more then one.

Conclusion: The filling sticks in your teeth so bad that one might begin to wonder if it should have been used as glue instead of inside the cookie. Like the package around the cookies, it brings thoughts to Swedish summer. We would recommend this cookie to children who like chewy candy and cookies. For the grownups we would recommend to eat this cookie alone and with a toothbrush easy at hand.

Singoalla Licorice:

Price: Price: 15: -

Smell: Smells like a lot of liquorice.

Look: Looks like a original Ballerina cookie who has been liquorice-fied. With a little change of colour on the biscuit part to orange, it could be a smash hit on Halloween parties in the future.

Filling: Also here the sticky part shows up, hard to take just one bite of the cookie and expect the filling to stay on the biscuit.

Flavour: The layer of vanilla had a hinted taste of lemon in it that was a good combination with the liquorice.  But the liquorice reminded more of toffee then a filling to a cookie.

Conclusion: They actually dared to make a liquorice cookie, kudos to them for their bravery. The filling is a big concern since it’s sticking to your teeth after the cookie is done, maybe licking it would be a greater idea? The entire test panel agreed that if the colour in the biscuit changed it would be a great cookie for Halloween where one make jokes about the filling being the Mountain of Doom.


Ballerina & Singoalla Random Thoughts & Conclusions:

  • Göteborgs kex mostly stick to the same theme in the Ballerina and the Singoalla and the cookies are not in all that many variations.

  • We would have liked a little more information on what “25% more” indicates. 25% more cookies? Filling? Bigger biscuit on the cookie? Or 25% more sugar?

  • The little flap that is suppose to help open the package easier need to be fixed since it is not that easy opening it and one could easily get frustrated in one’s desperate need for a cookie fix.

  • The name Singoalla sounds Spanish.

  • It is a good way to combine and decorate all the cookies on a plate which could bring a laugh because without the packages one doesn’t know which flavours the cookie might have.


/ Caroline, Nils, Maike, Xu and Sarah, Misi.se Team 2011 and friends