Job hunting for international students in Sweden

2010-08-23. Published in Hands-on Guides
by yining

job hu1Sweden is a great country but living there might be expensive. So a good way for international students to support themselves is to find a job here=), however, this is not that easy since most of international students do not speak Swedish. Today I will try to write about some of my experiences of finding a job here and hope this will help some new arrives.

A general approach to find jobs is to search on the already know this? Good! There are some big job hunting sites such as arbetsformedlingen, academicwork, monster and a lot of others. One could try to search the corresponding jobs on those sites and hope you could get some luck! Therefore, first thing to do is to prepare yourself a very decent CV to sent! You also have prepared one? (How nice!) Then send as many as possible and thats a good way to get as many response as possible...But be careful before you send your applications, in the email that you are going to send, write short texts to outline your personal capability as much as you could, please take some time on reading what you have written.

Someone may complain that he has already sent a lot but no positive reply at all! Don't loose your confidence because this is very normal. Life is not always straightforward =P. If you find some jobs really interested,  do not hesitated to CALL them! This is a very very good way to show that how eager you want to work there and strong willingness does matters! Most of the swedish companies have their public websites and before you call them, just be sure that you have done some research of the company.

Today I just introduced some very basic tips for finding jobs here. I am sure that most of you already know these and the only things that needed maybe are patience and luck.

Hope you could find interested jobs soon and good luck to you all!