Fysiken – Gothenburgs center for stundent sports!

2010-08-30. Published in Hands-on Guides
by yining

Fysiken is owned entirely by the Student Unions in Gothenburg. There are two Fysiken in Gothenburg. The biggest one is situated in Gibraltargatan and here you can do all kinds of exercise.

There is a big gym where you can train with a big variety of tools. You can also attend the group-events such as Aerobics; step-up; pilates; indoor soccer; basketball; floorball; climbing etc etc. The best thing is that you don’t have to bring a team to fysiken; you can simply go there and you will be divided into a team when the tournament begins. For each sport there is a schedule telling what times and day’s different sports and activities are played. To see the schedule; just go to www.fysiken.nu and click on the activity that you would like to join. You then get information about time and days of your preferred activity. To reserve a spot just click book and enter password and username that you get when you buy a membership card. Membership card costs 1395 kr per 6 months (only Gibraltargatan; access to all group activities included). If you like to have the possibility to train at both Kaserntorget and Gibraltargatan the price is 1995 kr for 6 months. For a card that is including just the group activities the price is 950 kr for 6 months.

To contact Fysiken; call 031-10 69 30. Fysiken is situated on Gibraltargatan 39 and Kaserntorget 11. If you want to set up groups that like to do some of the sports together; you can use the forum supplied to you on misi.se!